Wang Wong


Key Points

  • In-born ability to understand the public
  • Possess the necessary generic skills
  • Bring in the voice of international students
  • Volunteered to be the course representative of my course
  • A Promise to give everything I have to represent the public

I have an innate ability to engage with the public and understand their opinions. That is why I volunteered to become the course representative of my course as I wanted to make changes that best suit my community. Being a Senate will allow me to reach out to more people and understand their thoughts. By being your trusted representative, I will do everything I could to make changes and suggestions to the Sabbatical Officers in your interest.

Apart from my enthusiasm for being a Senate, I also possess the necessary generic skills to be a Senate. From being a part-time mathematics tutor for almost 7 years, I have learnt how to effectively manage my time to maximize the efficiency of my work. My interpersonal skills and communication skills are also already well-developed at a young age as a result of frequently interacting with students and parents.
As an international student from Hong Kong, I believe that I can provide meaningful insights to the Sabbatical Officers as a foreign student, as well as bringing in the voice of the international students to the Senate meetings. 

Should I be elected, with my passion, experiences, and relevant skills, I will give everything I have to represent the public’s needs in the University of Southampton and ensure everyone can benefit from my suggestions to the Sabbatical Officers.