Martha Raban

Music Department President

This has been a challenging year for all musicians, including us music students. I know that many of us have felt frustrated with the lack of performing opportunities and not being able to access the community of musicians that Southampton has to offer. However, we have also been incredibly grateful for the hard work of the music department staff, that have been trying to make this year as full as possible. This great relationship between university teaching staff and students is the foundation of the music departments success and is something that I would love to cultivate more of. For example: creating a more positive relationship between the arts and the union. Being a jazz/ classical performer, I’m familiar with the needs of both, and the available performance opportunities. It also puts me in a good position to collect and respond to student feedback. I would love to try and expand performance opportunities for everyone, especially after such a limited year. Something I would aim to try and do more of is student run evening concerts, on and off campus, giving students opportunities in all roles from management, staging and performance. I would also like to try and host events such as an open mic night exclusively for music students. If I were elected to be Department President, I believe I would act solely in the best interest of music students by representing the feelings and ideas from our community, helping our department voice be heard.