Francesca Ward

Women Officer

 A massive part of University is not just academics but also the social side and I want to make sure that those who identify as women are supported in all spheres!

For too long, women have been silenced on issues affecting their lives and their experiences at University, and I want to make sure that everyone feels supported and can enjoy University and ensure that our campus is a safe, more inclusive place! I am excited and enthusiastic to work with the University, other officers and you to hear your issues and concerns and improve life on campus.

 I also believe that we need to work with each other and so as Women’s officer, I will work with the other officers (BAME/ Disabilities/ LGBTQ+ etc.) to make sure that as a University, we are focused on intersectionality and so we can make our campus a more inclusive place. Within our community we need to educate ourselves on issues that not only pertain to women, but other people and understand how we can support ourselves and others.

 The social aspect of Uni is so important, so I want to work with our local community to make sure that clubs/pubs have ways to help women if they are feeling uncomfortable (key words in the toilets to signal for help)!

Education is key! I want to improve education around consent (especially body language) to help all members of our community to understand consent better and so help to prevent sexual assault.

In terms of reporting incidents around assault or harassment, I want to work on the accessibility of the information available around reporting cases to the University, but also what help is available to you in terms of mental health and practical support.

At University, we have access to such a wealth of knowledge and so I want to use that and invite guest speakers to give talks on leadership and female empowerment, helping to make you feel confident about the future and to help us to celebrate International Women’s day!