Rachel Sullivan

Music Department President

Hi, I’m Rachel and I would love the opportunity to become your Department President!

Despite the rather rocky year we’ve had, it’s been wonderful to become part of such a well-run and fun department who’ve made my first year here so enjoyable. I have loved meeting everyone and getting to know other students, which is something I feel is so vital, especially as we all share the same love of music. Creating more opportunities to collaborate and network with each other in a less formal setting would be a priority if I was elected, and I would love to hear from others with suggestions of exciting ways to do this.

Hopefully next year will allow us to participate in more group music-making, as well as enabling some new projects to launch. I’m particularly passionate about community music, as I know many of you are, and one idea I have would be for us to work with primary schools and nursing homes across Southampton on an intergenerational music-making programme. I know that we could make a really positive impact on the lives of others in our community.

I’m always up for a laugh (even at myself!) and hope that I come across very approachable, so should anyone need anything or have suggestions for the department then I would be available to chat and ensure that I can point you in the right direction or pass on feedback.