Sandra Schitter

Chemistry School President

I love the Chemistry department and the role of the School president has always fascinated me. In previous years I have already supported the department by being 1st year rep and ChemSoc president. However, I have always wanted to help improve the course structure as well as labs. As I have been attending SSLC meetings since 2019, I know that in recent years labs have been improved considerably. However, I would like to touch on that and provide feedback to make labs EVEN better/more enjoyable 😊 I also want to pay close attention to the maths support provided by the department, to make sure that students without a strong background in maths can just do as well as students with A-level maths. My previous experience in the mentioned roles provide me with the necessary knowledge to make the most of this position. This experience has also led me to advocate for closer cooperation of the school with ChemSoc. Most importantly, I will make sure that the students' wishes and ideas will be heard!