Mairin Williams

Vice President Welfare

Key Points

  • Highlight well being benefits of getting active, trying new skills and, getting outdoors in green/blue spaces.
  • Push for enabling services to have hours outside 11-3pm and have services available at other campuses.
  • Provide training in sustainability management to staff working at union outlets.
  • Provide students with a checklist resource of what to do when looking for and, letting house.
  • Create a student led interview and presentation practice and skills exchange sessions.

I am driven to make positive changes to the students union, striving for sustainability and, building a compassionate community on campus. Currently, I am primarly involved within the sustainability zone and as a course rep I use welfare roles in supporting students and make voices heard to the university and the union. By becoming VP Welfare I aim to use these skills to create a greener, more mindful student community.