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2 Oct, -
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On Silent Service

After many, many months of development, various playtests and at least one redesign, the long awaited and first fully custom Megagame by members (well, former members now ;) ) of gamesoc is at last here! On the afternoon of Saturday 2nd October (after freshers week), on Discord, we will host On Silent Service - submarine shenanigans in the deep Pacific... designed by , &

On Silent Service is a small custom megagame for 25 players, with attention to realistic submarine warfare; skill, leadership and teamwork. This game will feature a player-driven narrative with international intrigue, tentacles, paranoia, ████████ substances and a █████████ ███ from ██████. Will honour, sanity and mother’s apple pie be preserved? Or will the world crumble around you as ██████ ██████████ strike from ██████ so that ████████ may ████ ████ █████.

But what is a megagame? For those yet to experience the curated chaos; megagames are large player count er, games; which combine elements of traditional role-playing, board and wargaming; where small teams negotiate with, fight and outsmart one another by exploiting lightweight mechanics, and their own creative problem solving...! The game has been designed to be modular, and other scenarios have been designed for reruns if popular, or oversubscribed.


To sign up simply fill in this form: https://forms.gle/m7KMLUzt4DMZHKor5


The discord link will be emailed to you prior to the event.

The Organisers

A relaxed society aiming to provide a place to socialize and play board, card, tabletop war and role playing games. It's completely free and you don't even have to be a student to join in! Come along any time Wednesday or Saturday afternoons from 2 till 6, to meet like minded people and just have fun. You don't need to be good at games or know the games beforehand the rules will be explained. We have a variety of games available, you can even request games that the society can buy in for members to play. We continue during Holidays (including summer) so you can come any time of year! The rooms for the weekly meetings will be posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2230156853/ And on our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/uFDBz7v