New Forest Day Walk

2 Oct, -
Southampton Central Train Station Southampton Central Train Station
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New Forest Day Walk
Hello hillwalkers new and returning!


We welcome you all to a new year of walks, starting off with an annual club tradition - an introductory walk around the picturesque New Forest National Park! This will start and end at the lovely village of Brockenhurst nestled in the heart of the forest, will head out east to the disused airfield at Hatley Moor before moving up and and west through the Perrywood Haseley Inclosure, onto Balmer Lawn and along the A337 back into Brockenhurst. The route will be about 14.1km (8.7 miles) which is slightly shorter than our usual Day Walk length (around 18-22km), so this will be a gentle introduction where we encourage people to turn up and just enjoy the scenery.


This walk shall be split into two groups, each led by a pair of committee members. The first group will be catching the 09:24 train from Southampton Central, which should reach Brockenhurst at 09:37. This group will be led by myself and the club President, Tom. The second group will be an our later, catching the 10:24 train from Southampton Central and will be led by Will, our other Day Walk Secretary and Matt, one of our Away Trip Secretaries.

If you'd like to come along, you can sign up on this link (which opens at 19:00 on Tuesday 28th):


You'll need to bring:

- A packed lunch 🥪
- Plenty of water 💧
- Comfortable walking shoes 🥾
- Suncream 🧴
- A coat 🧥


Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, we have a list of FAQs below but also feel free to message us on Facebook!


James (Day Walk Sec)






How often do you organise walks?
We organise a walk at least every week. Normally they are on Saturdays, with away trips going on over the weekend. We will occasionally run walks on different days, including Sundays, Wednesdays and evenings too. Look out for the events advertised on our Facebook page and email.


How difficult is the walking?
They vary, but the idea of them is that they are suitable for anyone. This particular walk is the perfect one to try out as it’s shorter than average and as ever we’ll make sure no one gets left behind. If you are unsure either ask us or try walking around Southampton first (this is also a great way to understand the area if you’re new to it!).


Are there hills?
Not on this walk. The area around Southampton has very few hills, it’s almost all below 200m, and very typical English rolling countryside. We try to keep our walks cheap, and so not too far away from Southampton. That said, we do try to seek out hills where possible, and our Away trips and Expeditions are usually organised in hillier areas of the UK. If you particularly want to go and climb up some mountains, then get in touch and we’ll put you in contact with the Elite Team.


Why are you called Hillwalking if you don’t always walk up hills?
It’s a historical name we’ve had for a while (we’re one of the oldest societies at Southampton!) and refers to the ‘sport’ of Hillwalking.


Do I need special footwear/ equipment?
Generally not for our day walks. We’ll warn you about the terrain where possible, and except for a couple of walks in the winter trainers will be absolutely fine, though be prepared to get them a little muddy on certain walks. However, if you like walking, like dry feet and like the extra comfort, hiking boots are a great investment. Aside from shoes, a rucksack is very useful, and when the weather looks poor, so too is a raincoat. Shops in the city will sell you these for as little as £5 each.


What is a railcard? Is it worth it?
A railcard is available to anyone studying, or under the age of 30, regardless of nationality. The most common is a 16-25 railcard, for people between the age of 16 and…. 25! This costs £30 and saves 33% of the price of any rail ticket. It’s easiest to buy this online, but you can also do so at the station, but NOT on the day you want to use it! If you want to use the trains a lot, it will save you money. After about six or seven day walks it will start saving you money (we usually travel by train).
If you always travel in a group, consider either a groupsave ticket (33% for groups of 3-9) or another railcard. Ask if you need more information! (Either ask us or at a station).


I would like to join a society to meet new friends. Are you a friendly/ social group?
Yes! Our walks are never quiet, and it’s the perfect opportunity to drift around groups, talking to new people. I’d also recommend our socials! Hillwalkers are very friendly and we have an extremely friendly committee too. We have a bit of a tradition of creating strong friendships and a few relationships too. We have a variety of walkers from other societies, walkers from 18 to 30+, from inside and outside the university, from undergraduates to PhDs. We also have a larger international presence than the university itself - which guarantees interesting conversation.


Do you do anything other than walking?
Yes! We do all sorts for socials although most upcoming ones will be online. Simply look back through our events to get an idea of past events. New and exciting ideas coming soon!!


Do I need to buy membership?
No, not for day walks or socials though we'd recommend you get our FREE membership from SUSU. There are some advantages to paid membership: have a look on our or SUSU’s website for more information, or contact us. You need paid membership for our away trips.


Can I join any other societies?


Can you give me advice about exploring the area around Southampton, or further afield, by myself?
Yes, just send us a message! 

The Organisers

At SUHC we are dedicated to exploring the very best countryside, peaks, mountains and coastline the UK has to offer. We host weekly Saturday day walks throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas, in addition to whole-weekend away trips to different national parks and mountainous regions, and an array of socials during term time! See below for details of our activities and how you can get involved..