Portchester to Cosham Day Walk

12 Oct, -
Southampton Central Train Station Southampton Central Train Station
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Portchester to Cosham Day Walk
Greetings hillwalkers!


We hope all 103 of you enjoyed last weekend’s sunny Isle of Wight walk, so for this weekend’s walk we’ll be sticking with the coastal theme, but with some rather different views (and thankfully fewer steep hills!). For this week’s walk, we will be walking 16km between the coastal towns of Portchester and Cosham, on the outskirts of Portsmouth. This route will go through the ancient Portchester Castle, along the coastline and up Portsdown Hill with a Napoleonic fort and excellent views over Portsmouth and the Solent.


This walk will once again be split into two groups. The first, led by Matt C and James, will catch the 09:13 train from Southampton Central, reaching Portchester at about 09:45. The second group, led by Tom D and Will, shall catch the 10:13 train from Southampton Central, subsequently reaching Portchester by 10:45.

**Please note that the ticket you will need is the "Off Peak Day Return to COSHAM**, since our walk will start at Portchester and end at Cosham (one stop further down the train line).
When you buy a ticket, you'll notice there are 2 prices:
- one is "Southern Only" costing £9.80 or £6.35 with a Railcard.
- the other is a normal any operator return, costing £11.30 or £7.45 with a Railcard.
If you're in a hurry to return after the walk, we'd recommend you get the any operator ticket, giving you 4 return train options per hour.


You'll need to bring:
- A packed lunch
- Plenty of water
- Comfortable walking shoes
- A coat


Although we are ending mandatory sign-ups for daywalks from this point onwards, you can still sign up if you would like (and for test-and-trace purposes) at https://walking.susu.org/events.php. If you are interested but unsure, please click the “interested” button on the facebook event, and similarly if you are pretty confident you can make it, click the “going” button. This is just so we have a rough idea of numbers, but on the day, simply turn up at the time that corresponds to whichever group you’d like to join.


Hope to see lots of you there!! 😃

The Organisers

At SUHC we are dedicated to exploring the very best countryside, peaks, mountains and coastline the UK has to offer. We host weekly Saturday day walks throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas, in addition to whole-weekend away trips to different national parks and mountainous regions, and an array of socials during term time! See below for details of our activities and how you can get involved..