A History of Witchcraft

28 Nov, -

Pagan & Witchcraft Society


A History of Witchcraft

Join us for a lecture and workshop on the history of witchcraft! Newbies welcome! 

The Organisers

Welcome to the Pagan & Witchcraft Society ✨We are enchanted to meet you!✨ Step into a realm where ancient traditions entwine with modern magic, and the spirits of enchantment roam free. Welcome to the Pagan & Witchcraft Society, a vibrant community that embraces the mystical arts and celebrates the rich tapestry of paganism and witchcraft. 🔮 Our society is a sanctuary for seekers of all paths, from those taking their first steps on the magical journey to seasoned practitioners seeking camaraderie and wisdom. Together, we delve into the mysteries of the craft, empower one another, and find solace in the shared enchantment that unites us. 🫶 Join us as we weave spells of wonder, share insights, and celebrate the magic that lies within and beyond. Our enchanting adventures await you. 🍄 Blessed be! 🪄