Badminton Team (Performance)

The Performance Badminton Team is the competitive badminton club at the University which takes part in regular training and matches against other universities and local teams. We currently have two mens and one ladies team in the BUCS leagues. The Men's team compete in the premier division, putting them in the top 12 Universities in the country. We also field a further two mens, one ladies and a mixed team in the local Winchester or Portsmouth district leagues. If you're interested in competing for the University in badminton, please drop us an email below or message us on our instagram.

We are a friendly bunch of students who love playing badminton casually and competitively!

The University's competitive badminton club, known as the Badminton Team (Performance), actively participates in regular training sessions and matches against other universities and local teams. Our club consists of two Men's teams and one Women's team, all competing in the BUCS leagues. The Men's 1s team competes in the premier division, ranking among the top 12 universities nationwide, while the Men's 2s team plays in the Men's Western Tier 2. The Women's team competes in the Women's Western Tier 2. Additionally, we proudly field two Men's teams, one Women's team, and a Mixed team in the local Winchester and Portsmouth district leagues. 


How and Who can join us?

Anyone who is a student of the University of Southampton can join us! Each year we only have around 50 places to fill in to maintain the quality of training. We run a trial at the beginning of each academic year to select players. If you are unable to attend the trials, you can reach out to us through DM us on Instagram or email us and we will get back to you. However, we cannot guarantee a spot if all the spaces are filled.

This year (23/24), the trial will be on Saturday 30th of September 6-9pm at the Jubilee Sports Hall. Please sign up for the trial in advance through here so that we can allocate you to one of the two trial slots. The form will be closed at 12pm on the 30th of Sep (Sat.). A follow-up email informing your trial slot will be sent out before 4pm on the same day.

Personal Commitments

While we would love to have as many players participating in BUCS games, we understand that individuals have different priorities. Therefore, our club does not enforce any compulsory commitments, and attendance at sessions or games is entirely optional for players.

  • We offer three sessions per week, each lasting two to three hours. The Thursday session is dedicated to coach training.
  • BUCS games for each team usually take place on Wednesdays and can vary in duration, ranging from a three-hour home game to a full-day away game, depending on the competing university.
  • The Portsmouth or Winchester League, which typically occurs on Sunday evenings, requires approximately three hours of commitment.
  • Selected players will have the opportunity to participate in the BUCS National games, which usually span a duration of three days. It is important to note that participants are responsible for covering a portion of the travel expenses associated with these games.


  • The membership fee can be viewed under the "membership" tab. It covers coaching fees, feather shuttlecock costs, and travel expenses for BUCS and local league games - it does not cover optional leisure or training trips if you wish to attend. The three categories of membership fees for the academic year 23/24 are given below:
    • Year membership with Badminton England: £120
    • Year membership without Badminton England: £90
    • Half-year membership with Badminton England: £75
  • An additional £45 per annum Sports Pass fee is required for all our members to use and access the University Sports Facilities.


We organise weekly social events that cater to both drinkers and non-drinkers. Our socials offer a variety of activities, including trips to local restaurants, ice skating, pub crawls, movie nights, post-match drinks, and enjoyable nights at Jesters! Moreover, we make an effort to plan a yearly trip to the All England tournament in Birmingham. Our club also actively participates in Badminton England senior tournaments held across the country, and in the past, we have participated in the International Student Badminton Tournament held in the Netherlands. 

23/24 Events:

  1. Bunfight day (28th of Sep. 2023): come and visit us at the stand in the Jubilee Sports Hall!
  2. Trial slot (6-9pm on 30th of Sep. 2023): sign up with this form. The form will be closed at 12pm on 30th of Sep. (Sat.). A follow-up email informing your trial slot will be sent out before 4pm on the same day.
  3. Fresher's tournament (2-5pm on 15th of Oct. (Sun.)): sign up with this form. This is taking place from 2-5pm on 15th of Oct. (Sun.). A follow-up email about the tournament information will be sent to you after you purchase the ticket. It is a doubles tournament with players being randomly allocated a double partner. There is a prize for the winner! We welcome everyone to come and play!

Additional Information

  • Racket Stringing: Our badminton team endeavours to have at least one stringer each year to offer easy access to stringing services for our players. This year we have a racket stringer team of two people - Tzu-Yun Chang and Siming Wang! You can contact them through here or simply place an order with this form and they will contact you back.
  • For the general public, the best way to stay updated on our events is through Instagram. For our members, it is through our private Lounge group page.

Photo Gallery

The Committee

All clubs and societies within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Badminton Team (Performance) this year are:

Matthew Whitaker
BUCS Mens 1st Team Captain
Ian Lim
BUCS Mens 2nd Team Captain
Cassie Halpin
BUCS Womens Team Captain
Tzu-Yun Chang
William Eckworth
Thomas Chui
Cassie Halpin
Social Secretary
Tanisha Bali
Social Secretary
Anthony Zhang
Oliver Ward
Vice President
Jennifer Wataranan
Winchester Ladies Captain
Pablo Casas
Winchester Mens 1st team Captain
Jordan Pat
Winchester Mens 2nd Team Captain
Cassie Halpin
Winchester Mixed Captain

Membership Information

There is currently no information about membership fees available


All SUSU clubs & societies must have a Constitution which governs how they run

Download Constitution

Health & Safety

All clubs & societies are required to risk assess their activity to ensure it is carried out in a safe manner for members. Current risk assessments for Badminton Team (Performance) are available to view below

Upcoming Events

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