Should the University of Southampton Students' Union be dissolved?

Emily Shepherd submitted on 24/05/2016 18:30

Closed on 31/05/2016 18:30

The University of Southampton Students' Union, otherwise known as SUSU, Union Southampton or "Us.", has repeatedly been critisised for being out of touch with students, unable to properly engage with its members and focused on overly commercial goals. Under the Union's Articles of Association, a referendum may resolve to dissolve the Union (Article 36.1.1). The effect of this, therefore, would be to wipe the slate clean and start again, allowing us to form a real students' union, which puts its students first and foremost in everything that it does.

Current Signatories 71/250

Altay Adademir
Chris Ah
Michael Ambrose
Zehong Au
Alexander Balfour
Andrew Bamford
Oliver Bassett
George Bennett
Horia-Daniel Bogdan
Mert Cal
Lauren Campbell
Vedant Chokshi
Imogen Clarke
Leonie Clay
Alex Collyer
Daniel Cudeiro Blanco
Matthew Dasilva
Sean Dawtry
Hannah De la Salle
Katharine Edwards
Charles Gandon
Mark Garnett
Jemma Goldwater
Victoria Goscomb
Giulia Guariento
Mohit Gupta
Stuart Hayward
Katie Heap
Emily Jackson
Mahendra Pratap Singh Katoch
Jennifer Kavanagh Blatt
Edmund King
Pe La
Adam Limb
James Lorimer Turner
Todd Lynes
Ryan-Sin Maloney
Alexander Marjoram
Edward Maynard
Sasha McCance
Andrew Meadowcroft
Tom Merryweather
Emma Morris
Christopher O'Moore
Michael Orchard
Marlyn Pardo
Andrew Parry
James Paton
Edward Pearce
Daniel Playle
James Pride
Michal Rak
Joseph Roberts
Matthew Rushton
Elliot Salisbury
Thomas Salway
Gemma Saxby
Sarah Schwarz
Tina Shaban
Emily Shepherd
Iain Smith
Fanishka Sookharee
Kathryn Stephens
Ryan Stevens
Shuhan Sun
Jason Tam
Sean Vlismas
Tom Watson
Jeremy Williams
Ian Wright
Andreas Zimmermann