SUSU must support the NUS walkout on the 2nd of March

Edward Davies submitted on 14/02/2022 09:00

Closed on 18/02/2022 16:00


The National Union of Students (NUS) has called for a nationwide day of action on 2 March, involving student walkouts across the country, and a mass demonstration in central London. The NUS is demanding fully funded education, which is accessible, lifelong, and democratised.

This action comes after students have faced a year of lockdowns, mental health crises, and eye-watering rent and fees, and in the context of a government which doesn’t care for the well-being of students and workers. This action by the NUS comes in the wake of three days of regional strike action by the University and College Union (UCU) in December 2021 over pensions, pay and conditions, and coincides with more planned actions by the UCU this term across the country. This action also comes at a time when the National Education Union (NEU) is increasingly mobilising college staff to take industrial action over academisation and poor working conditions for teachers.

This NUS action on 2 March is an opportunity for staff and students across schools, colleges, and universities to unite to strike a decisive blow against the marketisation of education. It is also a chance to strike a blow against the Tory government which has put the profits of big business ahead of the health and education of students and workers.

We should seize the moment to demand that education be free and fully funded, paid for by the expropriation of the banks and big businesses which have profited from our education for so long. Marketisation should be resisted with real democratisation in education, with workers’ control of institutions involving students and staff democratically running schools, colleges, and universities in the interests of educational need, not cost-cutting or profit-making. Solidarity and coordinated action between students and workers is the best way to fight for a fundamental transformation of the education sector, and of society more broadly.

This petition calls for an All-Student Vote to be held on this statement no later than 23 February.


SUSU must adopt the motion above, spread information about the NUS action and the strike action of the trade unions, provide resources such as transport to build for the demonstrations in London and assist the Student Walkout Committee in building for the maximum possible turnout of students and staff for the 2 March walkout.

Note - SUSU has added the following additional information for context for students

NUS - SUSU is not a member of NUS, following a series of referenda in which students voted to disaffiliate (and remain disaffiliated)

UCU - For clarification, members of the local branch of UCU did not vote in favour of industrial action and so there will be no action locally during the current phase of the UCU campaign.

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