Union Senate (20th February 2024)


Name of Committee Union Senate
Date and time 20th February 2024, 14:00
Place SUSU Boardroom
Union President Ed Brooker
Vice President Activities Amy Moir
Vice President Sports Marina Stasi
Chair of Senate Yasmine Gendy
Senator Klevis Filaj
Senator James Baines
Senator Fionn Allen
Senator Jake Aurora
Senator Joshie Christian
Senator Lamar Dixon
Senator Andrew Littlejohn
Senator Marine Ma
Senator Dee Marupuri
Senator Ash Mochol
Senator Wilson Wijaya
Senator Terence Wong
Vice President Education and Democracy Rebecca Would
In Attendance
(non-voting officers and staff)
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
3. Conflicts of Interest
Papers & Reports
P 4. Sabbatical Reports
5. AOB

Key: P (Papers Provided), PF (Papers to Follow)