Leadership Elections 2023

Congratulations to everyone who won in our 2023 Leadership Elections! You can view the full list of nominees and winners below.

Our 2024 Leadership Elections will open on Friday 26 January.

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Union President

Edward "Ed" Brooker


  • Effective funding for environmental initiatives
  • Improve student safety on nights out
  • Make the MySouthampton app work for you
  • More recognition for intramural teams
  • Rebranding the Cube to be more enticing

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Chinmayanand "Chinmay" Ingale
  • Equal representation for BAME community into the SUSU.
  • Equal opportunities and events at all the campuses.
  • I will introduce a meal at £3.5 in all campuses.
  • SUSU shop on all the campuses.
  • Secure captioning on all the university lectures.

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Gavin Dcunha
  • Increased transparency between student fees and expenditure
  • Lobby to increase affordable housing options
  • Focus on support and wellbeing services
  • Lobby the university to increase the international cultural diversity
  • Focus on the developments of international alumni chapters

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Iona Bateman
  • Inclusive opportunities across all campuses for underrepresented students
  • Funding for student-led projects to address key issues affecting students
  • Support for students awaiting neurodiversity diagnosis
  • Reverse mentoring for university staff by students
  • Sustainable and accessible cost of living support

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Byron Lewis
  • Sort out SUSU & address the big problems we have!
  • More Money for Your Society & cutback on costly failed projects
  • Three Safety Buses an Hour to help make SUSU safer!
  • Price Caps on food and drink - Cheaper Pints Now!
  • University Sports Matches Shown Live In Stags

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Ali "Bailony" Beilouni
  • find a solution to the strike
  • change some university rules to help students
  • keep soton as great as it is

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Vice President Activities

Amy Moir


  • Greater society publicity from SUSU
  • Encourage society accessibility and clarity
  • Push SUSU transparency and accountability
  • Provide a high level of support and guidance
  • Greater society endorsement

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Nan Zhou
  • Always enthusiastic about work
  • Looking for inspiration everywhere
  • Never stop thinking creatively
  • An optimist and idealist in the team
  • Dedicated to creating an enjoyable and efficient working environment

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Lingyan "Pengy" Zhu
  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • charming
  • challenging

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Vice President Education and Democracy

Rebecca Would


  • Assessment timings and weightings review
  • Increase feedback options and representation in all modules
  • Transition support for students leaving university
  • Greater prominence of sustainability within all degrees
  • Collaboratively support students from underrepresented backgrounds

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Sheetal Namala
  • Your voice for change
  • Every thought matters
  • To make everyone feel welcome
  • Create platform that unites everyone
  • I aim to find lasting resolutions for each challenge

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Juilee Kadam
  • Inclusivity & equality in educational opportunities
  • Exploring newer fields of interest
  • Practical & effective solutions for each issue
  • Each voice is to be heard & considered
  • Challenging the intellect to hone performance

More about Juilee

Jingnan "Bianca" Bian
  • Speaking Mandarin, English and Italian.
  • Good at communication.
  • An initiative person.
  • Willing to learn everything.
  • Good at leadership.

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Nichole "Nicky" Jessup
  • I have previous experience of the university representation system.
  • I am passionate about education and improving the system.
  • I will amplify student's voices through communication and feedback
  • I will be wholly committed to the position and students
  • I will advocate for the best academic experience for students

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Tejaswini Chandra
  • I am a course Rep who already have experience in leadership
  • I am a International student went through academic difficulties
  • I would like help the students who is facing the same difficulties as me
  • I want to bring as many helpful resources to overcome academic integrity

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Sholafunmi "Shola" Falohun
  • I am a very fair person
  • Non-judgemental
  • Good communication skills
  • I am full of empathy
  • Transparency

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Vice President Sports

Marina Stasi


  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Diverse programs and opportunities for all students.
  • Sustainability and Health: Promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Student Engagement and Representation: Encouraging student involvement and leadership.
  • Transparency and Communication: Effective communication with all stakeholders.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Building relationships with local organisations.

More about Marina

Jiangshan "Réa" Wang
  • Meet the sports needs of students
  • Provide complete sports facilities and security
  • Increase the number and publicity of sports events
  • Combine sports with mainstream fashion culture and subculture
  • Build sports groups and communities to make progress together

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Jay Pennels
  • Increasing transparency between SUSU and students
  • Making sport more accessible for people from low income backgrounds
  • Additional support for intramural sports
  • Improving accessible to sport for disabled students
  • More support for committees, especially for newer clubs

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Szymon Wojcik
  • Member of both IM & AU teams
  • Securing funding for IM teams
  • Advocate for the purchase of another minibus
  • Expanding dialogue between clubs and union
  • Providing earlier fixture dates

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Vice President Welfare and Community

Laura Carpenter


  • Introduce an intersectional campaign to support survivors of abuse
  • Re-establishing widening participation as a focus for the Union
  • Supporting student innovation to ensure REAL student representation
  • Evolving the current awareness campaigns, workshops, events, and communications
  • Implementing the Safer Taxi Scheme to increase student safety

More about Laura

Bofang "Victoria" Zhang
  • Let more people know our welfare policy
  • Let more students participate in our welfare activities
  • Focus on more specific issues, such as accommodation
  • Build multicultural communities to integrate students into the campus
  • Support LGBT+groups

More about Bofang

Victoria "Vic" Singleton
  • Access to support
  • Student outreach
  • Inclusivity
  • Representation
  • Engagement with societies

More about Victoria

Lio "Li" Allen
  • Make sure your voice is heard
  • To work the hardest I can for SUSU and you
  • Can draw from my own personal experience for the better
  • Experience as a student and working with SUSU
  • Find more ways for minorities/communities to feel included 24/7

More about Lio

Shubhangi Saxena
  • Ensure fair inclusion of every student
  • Respect everyone’s opinion
  • Open to ideas and suggestions from students
  • Ensure everyone is able to get help efficiently and quickly
  • Become a bridge for student communication

More about Shubhangi

Beems "BMO" Brealey
  • Improving inclusion events like Disability History Month and Pride Month
  • Improving accessibility and connectivity between all campuses
  • Reworking university and student union reporting systems
  • Providing housing for students through SUSU Lettings and University accomodation
  • Fighting for students of any background, need or skillset

More about Beems

Sophia Hanson
  • Adopt a campus cat! for Highfield and WSA
  • Lobby UOS and local venues for accessible, gender-neutral facilities
  • Tackle sexual misconduct by continuing work on 'southampton says enough'
  • Expand and improve cost of living support while reducing stigma
  • Focus on student outreach and transparency to develop further policy

More about Sophia

Harry Sparkes
  • Mental and physical health of students supported and cared for
  • Ensure a safe campus environment free from discrimination and harassment
  • Equal and fair opportunities to all students
  • Cost of living crisis schemes reviewed to ensure effective support
  • Review current peer schemes to boost student confidence

More about Harry

Swapna Therambil Janardanan
  • Respectful
  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Diverse
  • Passionate

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Student Trustee

Social Sciences Faculty Officer


Available Positions

No candidates stood for the following positions. For more information, or to express an interest in running for one of these positions, please get in touch with the Representation Team via repres@soton.ac.uk.