Emily Dennis

Wessex Scene Editor

Key Points

  • Increase readership
  • Highlight the fun and excitement of student journalism
  • More collaborations with other societies
  • New series that people want to read and write about
  • Two years of committee experience

Hi everyone! I'm Emily and I would like to be Wessex Scene Editor for next year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this society, and want to help make it even better still!

My main aim for next year would be to increase readership. I want Wessex Scene to become more accessible to students after a year online. Whether we remain there or can return to campus, I will strive to ensure that every student is aware of who we are, and that a great number will continue their engagement with us, whether that simply means depending on us for bringing their news and quick-reads, or writing articles themselves.

Secondly, writing and being part of Wessex Scene is lots of fun! I have had an absolute blast writing and joining in on events, and I want to share these feelings of joy with great enthusiasm. Wessex Scene provides a perfect escape, so I’m hoping to introduce a variety of events, with socials, workshops, and society collaborations, to try and lighten everybody’s lives a bit more.

I have lots of ideas for series that can run across all sections. I would also like to run more investigations, from something quite playful, like rating uni meals, or something more poignant, like the inner workings of SUSU. Lots of questions have recently been raised, as seen in SUSU leadership campaigns, and I am more than happy to help facilitate such investigations and will aide students who wish to report on such occurrences.

Finally, I would like to note that I have grafted quite hard in my previous positions. I am very organised and motivated, as seen by my work as Pause editor this year, and as a News and Investigations editor, I put in some very tedious work (as there were only two of us!). I think I have exceeded in my roles as someone who is willing to give a lot to Wessex Scene, and would be the perfect candidate to ensure another year of excellence.