Byron Kellett

SUSUtv Station Manager

Key Points

  • Let's build a new studio space!
  • Greater accessibility: subtitles on every video!
  • Regular LIVE content!
  • Dedicated training workshops!
  • Let's have the strongest start we can for 2021!

Hello. I’m Byron. I want to be your Station Manager for SUSUtv!

I’ve been working at SUSUtv for 2 years, and I can definitively say it’s been the best decision I’ve made at uni. Through SUSUtv I’ve gained the confidence to both write and present, made friendships that have lasted, increased my skills and knowledge, and got to know many like-minded, brilliant people. There’s a brilliant vibe here that’s hard to put into words at TV that needs to keep going.

As Assistant Station Manager (ASM) this year, Tom, the whole team and I have done a fantastic job of keeping going through COVID. We managed to persevere and keep going, being one of the few stations to cover Freshers this year, as well as hosting regular livestreams and making roughly three videos a month – all while creating a strong social distancing framework to keep people safe.

We also closed in on a big NaSTA (National Association of Student Television Awards) awards win last year – a legacy I want to keep up into 2022.

I want to celebrate the hard work we’ve put into this year as Station Manager. I think we’re due a bigger, better studio so we can return to work in style next year. I want to turn the office we have in the SUSU building into a multi-purpose production studio.

I have a strong vision for the space that would allow us to be able to both go live and on air at a moment’s notice, and be extremely easy to use for people with no prior knowledge of TV. A studio space would open so many opportunities for content that are hard to achieve right now, such as scheduled programming and indoors filming.

We have the budget for it; we have the talent and the logistics – and I will bring the technical and management skills needed to make it happen in time for Freshers 2021.

I want regular livestreamed content to become a thing we can do easily. As ASM I have taken the lead on an exciting new project within SUSUtv that aims to launch a regular Twitch channel by the end of the semester.

Promoting accessibility has been one of my biggest goals during my time at SUSUtv. As Station Manager, I will personally subtitle every last video that goes out on our platforms, given our catalogue of videos closed captioning for the many people – myself included – who need them.

I want to expand our training infrastructure further to include regular workshops and seminars for all parts of making videos; I want to expand our Creative Labs meetings further and I will build even stronger connections with the other brilliant societies at Southampton.

As Station Manager I want to keep the legacy of high quality content and teamwork that we’ve been keeping alive going – and going into the post-COVID world, I will make sure we’re coming back stronger than ever!