William Hough

Surge Radio Station Manager

Key Points

  • Continued Strong Leadership
  • Make Surge More Accessible and Approachable
  • Bring Surge's Offerings up to Date
  • Refocus Content on Southampton
  • Apply Lessons Learned from the Last Year

The last year has been one long, slow nightmare for Surge, but it has been an extremely valuable learning process. I have learnt a lot about why people come to Surge and why they stay, or perhaps more importantly, why they don’t. The reasons are too numerous and nuanced to convey, but suffice to say they have given us significant pause for thought. In semester two the committee and I have been making big changes to both the physical presence of Surge and our general attitude and ethos to make it more accessible to the students of 2021 and onwards. We are currently rolling out a Surge Radio podcast network that can host and post people’s podcasts to major providers such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as fundamentally redesigning the Surge studios to make them more approachable to people entering the radio world for the first time next year. I will be the first to admit that the disorganised and daunting broadcasting situation of the last half decade has put plenty of people off Surge, and I endeavour to change that.

I am running for Station Manager again for one simple reason. I’m not done.

The best chance that Surge has to come out of this situation stronger than before is with strong and consistent leadership, and I have proven over the last few years that I can provide that. By the end of this process I am confident that Surge will fit into its new updated niche, and that no one will be turned away from student radio on account of inaccessibility. Unfortunately, it has proven to be a multi-year project. In the next year I want to further develop and action the changes of this year, as well as work on improving our relationships with the university and the city, moving away from a more national focus of previous years. As well as making small tweaks to how we train and enable content to provide people more freedom.

Most importantly of all, this ground-work will be invaluable for the Surge members and committees of the future to thrive off of. All of this work isn’t just a steering of Surge for the present, it is also substantial support for Surge’s future.

I love Surge, and I want the best for it. Let’s make it happen.