Samuel Pegg

The Edge Editor

Key Points

  • Expand into a multimedia form of journalism.
  • Push for a more inclusive and diverse writership.
  • Form new relations with other media-based SUSU societies.
  • Celebrate student journalism: nothing is too small to write about.
  • Ensure Editors' workloads are always manageable.

I’m Sam - total book-nerd, gaming geek and second-year English student that loves everything about media. Writing for The Edge for more than a year and accumulating over 100 articles means I’ve been dedicated to The Edge and enthusiastic about everything student-media. In second year, I became News Editor and implicated a manifesto that saw the creation of News Weekly Roundups and, most recently, a filmed roundup designed to appeal to those who don’t want to read long articles. Every step of the way I’ve tried to make News as a section more engaging as well as allowing freedom for writers to explore their own interests while reflecting on current events in the world - but I don’t want to stop there either, hoping to use the position of Editor to bring something new to The Edge.

My two biggest points are undoubtedly the first two I list, which I hope to implicate through the following:

  • Expanding into multimedia journalism means encouraging writers to think bolder about their articles i.e., encouraging writers to take footage of something their reviewing and turn it into a filmed review that can exist alongside the written article. These could be published on YouTube which could then help increase our visibility on different platforms other than just our website.
  • A push for a more inclusive and diverse writership means challenging a current issue at The Edge and its mainly white writership. I think The Edge is a platform that should elevate different student voices and celebrate diversity – to give a voice to those who are often marginalised. I want The Edge to celebrate all forms of entertainment and the wealth of backgrounds and ethnicities entertainment comes from.

Forming new relations with other societies means pushing for multimedia journalism becomes realised with the help of (as an example) SUSUtv’s technical know-how as well as creating shared projects between the societies to help manage workload for editors and writers.

Celebrating student journalism is about believing in every article idea a writer has, helping them come to light and giving them a platform to be widely read on. No article is too small: whether it be on a new form of experimental music that only one artist currently creates or a review on a play that only managed an audience of ten. Where there’s an interest, there’s a chance to write.

My final point is about ensuring a homely and healthy committee within The Edge. I want to focus on the different committee members’ workloads and make sure they’re not struggling to manage. The Edge couldn’t run without its committee, and so a huge priority is creating a healthy balance of commitment to the Edge as well as completing their degree. I don’t want committee to struggle – I want them to enjoy their time with the Edge as our writers do.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, then I would love you to vote for me to make it a reality