Corin Holloway

Candidate for Vice President Activities

  • Improve website, especially society membership system
  • Get societies involved in SUSU events
  • make societies' activities schedule for freshers and
  • make list of volunteering opportunities around Uni & Southampton/Winchester
  • Do circus tricks at meetings

Why vote for me?

Corin Holloway - VP Activities Manifesto

Improve website

Society memberships:

  • Box office memberships
    • Let people buy society memberships at SUSU reception as well as online if they don’t like paying by card.
  • Exportable member lists
    • (If GDPR compliant) Make society memberships exportable, so you can put members in an external mailing list.
  • New member notifications
    • Options for new member notifications, the automatic “you have joined this society” email to be modifiable by the society and an optional “a new member has joined” notification.
  • Ex-student memberships
    • Try to make getting membership easier for people who want to continue societies when  they graduate


  • Add a volunteering section to the website. Include:
    • A link to the strive e-badges volunteer recognition blog
    • An explanation of how to access the volunteering bank
    • Descriptions and links to all the volunteering societies within SUSU
    • Links to volunteering opportunities within UoS and community (big job)



  • Try to get more people engaged in societies.
    • Find advertising space from Uni for society events. EG: put list of society activities in the halls welcome packs.
    • Try to get some obvious poster/noticeboard space in Hartley
    • Get You Are More Than (exams…) to do more things with societies
    • Empower societies to run taster sessions.
  • More society storage
    • Put shelves/lockers in cage, so more stuff can be stored in the same space
  • Freshers’ events calendar
    • Create schedule of society activities in first couple of weeks (and continuously if it’s feasible) for freshers to try stuff out and help them join societies.
  • Freedom
    • Not meddle too much in society affairs. Oppose measures which restrict society freedom.
  • Fair funding
    • Yeah.

Volunteering & Fundraising

  • Evaluate and advertise the Strive volunteer recognition scheme
  • Volunteer discounts
    • I submitted a You Make Change about giving volunteers discounts at the cafe and bridge and current sabbs are trying to make it happen. I’ll make sure it continues.
  • Be friends with and advertise RAG and other volunteer societies.
  • Arrange more events like the Excellence Volunteering Awards for volunteers to get to know each other and be rewarded.


  • I want to listen to people’s ideas - either through FB, email or You Make Change... If you have things you want to happen with societies, contact me!
  • Sabbatical roles have changed this year and environmental issues are now under the president’s role. I love the environment, so will make sure they remember.
  • Oppose any funding cuts to SUSU from the University.
  • Help entrepreneurs. Connect them to groups like Future Worlds, Fish on Toast, Social Impact Lab, SUSU Enterprise Fund...


  • SUSU Clubs and Societies Officer
    • Experience attending/chairing meetings about societies & democracy as well and communicating between societies and SUSU. I know what’s feasible and am fairly sure I can accomplish all this.
  • Electronic engineering student, so know how websites work.
  • I’m on the committee for 6 different societies and a member of 19 more.
  • I spend about twice as long volunteering as I do in lectures.
  • Made SUSU changes through You Make Change. EG: bike fixing equipment in SUSU.

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What would you do to help promote the presence of the student media societies (The Edge, Wessex Scene, Surge and Susu TV)?

I want to make a "things to do within UoS" guide for all the society activities including stuff like "write about X", "learn sound editing" and other stuff you do, so more people join your committee and production side of the media. However, this is kinda just what's in my mind right now. I'll try to talk to the media teams and ask what they want and how I can help them this week and over the next year.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 19/02/19 18:56

How do you plan on making more storage space in the union? space is already very difficult to find and there is no where to make new space without making less space for something else. Also how do you hope to better use the space we have a make sure it is fairly available to all societies?

I'd add shelves, cupboards and stuff to the storage spaces which already exist, because stuff is on the floor and stacked a little bit, but the full 3D space isn't fully utilised in a lot of places. This would mean the societies who already have storage space would still be able to store all their stuff, but would store it more efficiently. Once term ends and I start my roll, I'd like to have a look at the storage spaces of societies which already exist and just check if any of the objects have gathered dust. This implies that the society probably doesn't use the item and I'd offer to donate it to a charity shop or something. EG:in one of my society's storage spaces, I found a box of used coffee cups which had been gathered and used in an anti-plastic demonstration before I'd joined, which definitely didn't need to be stored. Possibly continued once-a-month check to see if things haven't moved to suggest those too. I'd make moving things a voluntary choice If we wanted to create more storage space, the SUSU meeting rooms are underutilised, so we could potentially convert one of those into more storage space. However, I'm hesitant to take radical action and convert somewhere into more storage because that would permanently mean that space couldn't be used any more and would only help several of our 300+ societies.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 19/02/19 19:33

How does doing circus tricks in meetings benefit the student population? Surely this would devalue your contribution by making SUSU appear less professional?

It will neither benefit of harm the student population. I put it on my campaign at the last minute as something to grab peoples' attention. I carry devil sticks around with me to spin while I'm walking, waiting or generally not doing things with my hands. As Clubs and Societies Officer, I would often spin them at the start of meetings while waiting for people to show up. I would only do this in internal SUSU meetings. Not meetings with members of the public or University representatives.

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 22/02/19 15:35

All of the VP Activities candidates have alluded to increasing storage space and/or activity space for societies. What makes you stand out - what would you bring to the table in particular that the other candidates wouldn’t?

Don't create more storage spaces, because it's difficult to find and now that space is permanently unusable and only benefits a small number of societies. Use current storage space more efficiently. There are some spaces which are 3D storage, but only the floors and walls are used with a massive space without stuff, so rearrange them, add shelves and stuff, to maximise the amount of space filled with things, so more societies can use it. Check storage spaces which do exist for items which haven't moved in a while (dusty) and ask the societies if they're still using that item and offer to dispose of or donate it for them. Voluntary.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 23/02/19 17:13

I have a dream that one day, the university facilities will not have awful horrible scratchy thin toilet paper. I have already submitted a YouMakeChange petition about this and nothing happened. This is the most pressing issue to me as a voter so I want to know what you will do to make my dream a reality and improve the toilet paper on campus (especially in the library please). My vote depends on this.

Unfortunately, getting the University to do anything which results in them spending more money is very difficult to make happen. Also, VP Activities deals mostly with societies, so this is a question better aimed at the President.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 06/03/19 22:57

I am concerned because a key part of your manifesto deals with technology which you assure us, is an area you are very capable in due to your degree. However, you are also on 6 committees and at least 19 societies!!! and openly admit to spending twice as much time volunteering as on your degree, so how can we trust you? I am tired of career polticians lying to the masses.

I was at my 500 word manifesto limit, so I couldn't go into detail and when I showed it to my friends for opinions and to get it down to the word limit, they told me to get rid of my "flaws" section which I'd put underneath "experience" and I had to word things more breifly. "Electronic engineering student, so know how websites work.". By this I was trying to assure people that all the plans for the website were achievable. I don't yet have much web development experience other than theoretical, but I probably won't be the person making changes, just making ideas for the website. We have one person employed to manage it. Other flaws I couldn't go into: - because I'm in so many committees and societies as well as doing my degree, I didn't manage to put enough work into my position as Clubs and Societies Officer to make the changes I wanted to make. However, I did fulfil all my duties such as attending or chairing meetings to vote on decisions, which a lot of Student Officers didn't do. I made democracy happen and learnt how SUSU works. If I take a year out and am not on any committees, I'll have more time to work on things as VP Activities. - weird sense of humour which many people don't get. - one of my favourite hobbies is lying to the masses - probably bad at self-analysis, since I can't think of any more flaws.

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 22/02/19 21:36

How would you deal with any backlash from students who do not agree with a decision that you have made, even if students had been consulted in the decision-making process?

I like being honest. I'd just try to publicly anounce the reasons a decision was reached and ask people to contact me with any issues or feedback.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 01/03/19 18:56

As VP Activities, you'd be responsible for our incredible Performing Arts societies. My question is, how have you supported them to this date? And what performances have you seen this year?

Today (Mar 1), I have and will attend events of 4 or 5 different PA societies: Arial sports, Circus, Salsa, Arias and hopefully the last half-hour-ish of a livesoc performance on at the same time as Arias's opera. I regularly attend theatrical events such as lopsoc - princess Ida, Showstoppers - Shoulda been you, TG - Hamlet. Unfortunately I've not been able to attend every event, because I have limited time and can only attend 20 something societies regularly. I'm VP for circus society and a regular member for folk society. I'm planning on going to Ballroom & Latin dance soc's strictly performance on tomorrow. To support them further, I'm currently trying to chat with as many committees as I can to see what people want. If you have anything you'd like me to do as VP Activites, please message me on facebook or

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 01/03/19 18:52

You mention being on 25 societies. Even attending two society events a day, you'd only manage to attend each one max twice in a month. Would you say you are spread a bit thin? How would you be more focused on the sabb role?

I attend almost all the events for the societies I'm on the committee of and many societies don't do events every week. I usually look at what events are on in the evenings and pick which ones I most want to go to. There are probably 15 or so of the societies I'm a member of which I regularly attend events of.

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 05/03/19 12:10

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I'm on 7 committees, involved in 20something societies and am current Clubs and Societies Officer for SUSU, so have a lot of experience and reason to believe that all or most of my campaign points are achievable.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 06/03/19 22:05

The union has come under fire this year due to sabbatical staff being unprofessional on their work accounts. In your role you represent 24,000 student's views, not just your own. Would you be able to separate personal and professional social media and feelings?

I have access to the emails, social media and things of many different societies and haven't done anything controversial yet. I'm 63% sure I won't post anything bad enough to make me have to resign.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 05/03/19 15:43

How would you handle a disagreement with another sabbatical?

Try to convince them I'm right or allow myself to be convinced that they're right. But it depends a lot on the situation. Ideally, I'd try to prevent a disagreement in the first place. In all the committees I'm in, I've never had a serious disagreement and asked others' opinions if I was unsure I was doing the right thing.

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 06/03/19 21:58

Could you please go into more detail regarding your plan to overhaul the SUSU website? This has been attempted in the past, but the Union is struggling to find a way to do it that works. The principal issue is, of course, money. The three viable routes to do so are to: hire staff (at a much higher hourly rate than what SUSU currently offers - you simply won't get the talent if you're not willing to pay competitive rates), pay an external company for the project (again, we've been told the money isn't there), or rely on volunteers and open-source contributors (which would be a positive step, but far from a complete overhaul). How do you plan to achieve this?

Most of the things I've mentioned are relatively small changes adapting systems which are already in place, so I believe they'd be possible without completely overhauling the website. But there are quite a lot of other things wrong with the website and it would be nice to be able to make bigger changes if the budget allows, but I don't currently know the system well enough to know what is feasible so I don't want to promise an overhaul.

This question was also only asked to CorinAnswered by Corin on 05/03/19 17:56

What are you going to do to ensure SUSU’s “Vision2020” maintains on track to achieve its goals, particularly in becoming one of the Top 5 SUs in the UK? Do you think these targets are still viable given the controversy surrounding SUSU this year, and if so, does this mean a revised plan is needed?

Vision2020 was ambitious from the start, but it's still useful to have a goal to aim for even if it isn't achieved. However, some goals are too ambitious, which encourages radical action, not necessarily fully thought through such as the US rebrand, which was part of that. I'm not fully aware of the reason they came to the conclusion that was a good idea, but any big future revised plan of Vision2020 or Vision2025 would have to have the approval of a significant portion of students. I don't believe it's currently realistic, but revising it this year could encourage radical, unthought through actions. Instead of revising it, I would leave it as it is and for V2025 (or whatever), write it with the V2020 in mind and make sure there is strong approval

This question was also asked to Fiona Sunderland, Abigail MustardAnswered by Corin on 08/03/19 14:51


Corin has not spent any of their budget yet