Jiaqi Ling

Enterprise Officer

Key Points

  • I am interested in helping students find their ideal jobs
  • I am good at communication and negotiation
  • I am willing to work together with sociaties
  • I am a responsible, friendly, and helpful person
  • Manifesto: I am ready to sit next to you

Why vote for me?

Hello everyone, my name is Jiaqi Ling, you can also call me Lucy. I would like to apply for the enterprise officer position. The most important reason is because that I am interested in helping students, including myself as well, find and match with their ideal jobs. Moreover, I am good at communication and negotiation. I am able to set up a good relationship with clients and explore more working opportunities.  If I am an enterprise officer, I will take an active role within Global Entrepreneurship...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

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