Aaron Page

Candidate for Union President

  • Building Your CV: Promote careers and employability opportunities.
  • Find a house Workshops: spot warning signs, intro to law.
  • Mental health: ensure tutors are trained to spot and support.
  • Healthy food: more subsidised options.
  • Sports: Second martial arts room, campaign for longer gym hours.

Why vote for me?

6 years, 2190 days, 52560 hours. The University of Southampton has been my home for possibly too long. I’ve put scientist in pubs (Pint of Science), lead career and opportunity fair Snapchat take overs (Senior Career Ambassador), I’ve developed strategic frameworks for an international company (Business Innovation Program) and so much more. So as my PhD comes to an end, I believe I’ve made the most out of being a student. Now, I want to make sure everyone else does too.

My Aims 
I want to make life better for students across the board, so I’m looking to tackle the big problems that people have gotten to used too.

More than just you’re Course - Developing Skills
We come to university for education, to prepare us for our futures. However we often forget the importance of internships, competitions and volunteering. These develop the soft skills that are currently sought after by employers. The University has so much available, SUSU should help highlight opportunities to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time.

Housing - Find a Home not Hell. 
We all need somewhere to live. Some student homes are hell. I believe people could benefit from a workshop advising how to identify warning signs. As well as, giving a short overview of how the law protects tenants against abusive or unresponsive landlords/agents.

Mental Health - Still the Elephant in the Room 
Mental health is a rising problem at universities - especially for PhDs, many studies describe it now as a crisis. Ensuring tutors, supervisors and lectures are properly trained to identify, support and advise students is key to help reduce these awful statistics.

A healthier Choice - Eat Well, Live Well 
Eating well as a student can be hard, especially with the rise of establishments such as, Dominos, Deliveroo, the list goes on. However, finding healthy and tasty options in the University cafes and shops shouldn’t be hard or expensive. The University should be looking to support healthy eating by subsidising healthier food options, and promoting them.

Sports – Healthy Body Healthy Mind 
Longer opening hours at the gym could help enable more people to make use of the service after work. Additionally, the material arts room is a highly sort after resource for several different clubs, the investment into a second room could allow more students to partake in potentially lifesaving self-defence classes.

For a better student life, Vote Aaron Page.


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