Miguel Robles Florez

Sustainability Officer

Key Points

  • Support all students to enhance their individual environmental stewardship
  • Promote sustainability principles across all aspects of our university
  • Reduce single use plastics across our university
  • Work towards reducing the carbon footprint of our university
  • Increase the understanding and awareness of environmental issues and solutions

Why vote for me?

It is all too easy to feel pessimistic nowadays about the great global challenges that our generation is faced with. Scientific evidence suggests that we are heading towards an increase in global temperatures of over 2°C by 2050 (International Panel on Climate Change, 2018). Coral reefs will completely disappear by 2100 unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced (UNESCO 2017). The last male of northern white rhino died on March 2018 (WWF, 2018). However, we must never underestimate...(click here to read more...)

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