Raymond Effah

Medical Society President

Key Points

  • SUSU to invest into UHS - Common Room Microwaves
  • Revamp family system to cater to different needs
  • Boost the range of events to cater for all in interesting ways
  • Encourage ideas & feedback through social media
  • Publicise scores of sports team + discounted entry to some events

Why vote for me?

From first year rep to events rep to Medsoc President. Surely that's the only natural progression! People who know me, will know very well my love for a good medsoc event. However what they may not know is that as I eat my salty cheesy chips from Chic-O-Land, I'm calculating my next move.  A strong advocate of improvement and refining, I believe Medsoc can go even further to aid you through your medical degree. From social, welfare and educations there's always more we can do, always...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

What do you plan to do to tackle the growing issue of mental health amongst medical students, and will you tackle the faculty head on about the difficult beliefs some of them hold with regards to mental health issues and the support they require?

Hi, First of all thank you ever so much for this question, it's a brilliant question and mental health is something I hold very close to my heart. It's really important that we tackle it head on, even moreso this past year with the incredibly difficult year we've had. Now I can tell unequivocally that I will challenge the faculty where they need to be challenged. That extends beyond just mental health but to any other issues that medical students feel concern them. Some of the stories I have heard from fellow medical students regarding the treatment and response they were given in meetings when they cited their mental health is honestly appalling and very concerning. Medical students should feel comfortable to approach faculty with these issues and feel like they've been listened to. If/When the SSLC minutes are published I'd encourage you to give them a read as this topic did come up and we had some great discussions. As mentioned in my manifesto I'm here to improve, change and refine and discussions like this really help push that along. More important than challenging them I feel though is to ensure we work closely we work together with them to ensure the needs and wants of medics are heard. We need to know why medics struggle with mental health. Yes, it's a difficult course (I can tell you I'm no stranger to that fact!) but we need to find out how we can make things easier and be pillars of support. During exam times in particular we need to find ways to ease the pedal off the gas. One of my manifesto points, the revamping of the family system, do have this in mind, but this is something I personally envision helping. Medsoc and I still need that student feedback to really progress things along. So short answer yes! Long answer see above! I hope this answers your questions, if not please do say and ask any more you may have! Best wishes, Raymond

This question was also asked to Deepika AnbuAnswered by Raymond on 21/02/19 01:56


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