Daphne Li

Vice President Welfare and Community

Key Points

  • Increase Sexual Consent Awareness and Support for Victims
  • Increase Access to STIs Information and Contraception on Campus
  • Better Promotion of Mental Wellbeing/ Community Events
  • Transition Support Workshops: The Road from College to University
  • Managing your Finance Workshops

Why vote for me?

University was not part of my plan, yet here I am in the last semester of my third year as a Criminology and Psychology student, with the aspiration of improving student wellbeing. The shadow of Mental health has made my time challenging, I often passed up opportunities. Though everyone’s story is different, the right support can keep you fighting. My own experience fuels my passion to make this journey a smoother one, for everyone. As your VP of Welfare and Community, I will work to improve...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Daphne has not answered this question yet

This question was also asked to Laura Barr, Fleur MacInnes, George Hart


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