Parth Pandya

Candidate for Social Sciences Faculty Officer

  • Been Faculty Officer for a year
  • Improve response at Faculty Forums
  • Facilitate more student-focused faculty events
  • Putting you first when discussing policy
  • Improving faculty academic resources

Why vote for me?

I’ve had the pleasure of being Faculty Officer for one year. My highlights have been working with my School Presidents more closely, helping to facilitate their school events which I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved with. Also, I’ve greatly improved turnout in Faculty Forums and introduced electronic feedback which has allowed School Presidents to get more involved. I’ve also done more initiatives with the Faculty especially the International Office with Prof. Sabu Padmadas in speaking at events and supporting ALL students – from the UK, international, different ethnicities or needs. I’ve also worked closely with SUSU this year especially VP Education & Democracy, Representation and Union Senate in making sure Social Sciences students are heard better and improving offers for our Faculty. I’ve been closely involved in SUSU campaigns like ‘You Are More Than Your Studies’.

I’m running for Faculty Officer again because there is so much more that I want to do and that I can do. I want to improve response in Faculty Forums, I want to work with the Faculty and SUSU more in a whole range of events for our students (e.g. wellbeing and assignment skills). Now that I’ve been in the role for a year, I know what I need to do to further improve the offers for our Faculty. I believe that I will be able to do this because I’m organised, reliable, responsible, and manage my time well which has allowed me to also immerse with specific School and Faculty events.

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

As the current Social Sciences Faculty Officer you've done a lot. What's your #1 priority to expand on next year if you're re-elected?

Thanks for the question! My number one priority is definitely better engagement with the faculty. Because I've been Faculty Officer for a year I think I can address this problem effectively now that I trial runned a lot of projects.

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What would you say has been your biggest weakness in being Faculty Officer this year, and how will you develop this if you get re-elected?

Thanks for the question! I think my biggest weakness is *far-reaching* communication. This is why I am going to do more on the ground in the form of weekly sessions in public cafe spaces on Redbrick and promote and develop new faculty events to ensure wider communication across the Faculty.

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What will you do differently next year if re-elected?

Thanks for the question! I think I have a lot of plausible things I want to do next year because I've tried a lot of things out. I want to primarily help SUSU with postgraduate representation and Joint Honours representation. I also want to do more faculty events to ensure wider communication. I also have some ideas to improve response at forums and meetings.

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