Aimee Orchel

Disabilities Officer

Key Points

  • Education and self-advocacy of disabilities and accessibility in our community
  • Provide an inclusive, supportive environment for disabled students
  • Improve accessibility in sport for all skill levels
  • Provide a campaign to remove the stigma around disabilities
  • Improve digital accessibility for students from all faculties

Why vote for me?

I'm passionate about education and self-advocacy when it comes to the world of disabilities. I want to provide a safe space for those who need support along with providing accessibility and awareness about physical and mental health barriers in our community. I would like to improve accessibility in sport to allow those of any skill level to partake in different sports. I would love to improve students impacted by their health and accessibility to their academic studies to allow them to excel in...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

What does SUSU mean to you? If you were to define its values in 5 words, what would they be?

Chaotic, glorious ball of mess. Honestly - the premise behind SUSU is great. But I'm not a big fan of how it's constantly a clique and you have to be in the right circles with the right connections to know and get stuff done. Imagine having a huge power and student's voice to do something - and then you sit there and twiddle your thumbs. I'd like to see it as a platform to the 'you make change' but that's the big spoon of optimism that can easily be spent.

This question was also asked to Arden ChaplinAnswered by Aimee on 05/03/20 09:32


Aimee has not spent any of their budget yet