Kayleigh Littlemore

Candidate for Vice President Welfare and Community

  • To ensure everyone feels they are part of a community.
  • To support different voices being represented in SUSU.
  • To make sure all students are heard.
  • Support those that need support.
  • To better the communication between SUSU and students.

Why vote for me?

My time at University has been the most memorable experience of my life. Like most students, this experience is best compared to a rollercoaster. There are many ups, a couple of downs and we are all there for the crazy ride. Becoming the Vice President Welfare and Community Officer will not only allow me to help those experiencing the downs, but also allow me to elevate those ups because that is what the University experience should be about.

Starting somewhere new can be very daunting and something we all experienced when we first arrived at the University of Southampton. It can be difficult to feel grounded somewhere when you have not quite found your place- even more so if you have not found friends in those you live with. If I were to be voted in, I would make it my personal mission to make sure nobody feels this way. To make sure that people feel like they belong at the University of Southampton.

The way I would go about this it to build upon the pre-existing work done by the amazing societies by helping promote their events. This is important as societies are such an integral part to wellbeing at University. By attending societies, I can see how much a community can be built within one. It was in societies that I and many others found our place at the University. It is also the place I have had the privilege to continue to create a community as the President for the Debating Union. Everyone has different interests and with the 214 societies currently on offer, there are 214 different communities to help people find their place and improve their wellbeing.

I would continue to celebrate the diversity seen at the University of Southampton and encourage other ways of show casing this amazing part of the student community. I would do this by leasing with the current student officers to make sure that everyone is being represented at our Student’s Union, as the Student’s Union is a place for every student. I would help to support societies that represent different communities with their projects and ideas to ensure that the voices of as many groups as possible are being heard and listened too.

I would also make sure that all students know that they are able to freely raise concerns surrounding wellbeing and community, and that these concerns will be dealt with. This will be done by promoting pre-existing systems such as ‘You Make Change’ as well as talking to students to see where they feel communication could be improved between the Student’s Union and them. By working together, I hope to create an environment where all students feel that they can openly and safely communicate with their Student’s Union about concerns they have.


Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

Do you have any plans to tackle casual racism across the university? For example, with the coronavirus scares at present, racism against Chinese students has rocketed. How will you make sure people are supported if they experience racism and more importantly, how will you ensure that SUSU tackles casual racism?

For when these incidents happen, I want to make sure that the support available on campuses are signposted so that those impacted can easily find the support they need. For example, part of my manifesto is to review the report and support tool as well as make this more visible by pushing to have it on SUSSED and easier to find on the SUSU website. Furthermore, when societies want to do something to help when these things happen then my job is to best support them in any way I can. An example of this would be when the Chinese Students and Scholars Association set up in the concourse to create a very informative display and also engage with students about the myths about coronavirus. If they wanted to do more in spreading the message (e.g. going to other campuses) then I would help to make that happen. In relation to SUSU I believe that it is working with the communities impacted that casual racism will be tackled. Asking about how they want to spread awareness and making sure they are involved so that they not only see the change but feel like they have been a part of it. This way we can hopefully get to the roots of casual racism and tackle it there.

This question was also asked to Nicole AkuezumbaAnswered by Kayleigh on 03/03/20 16:28

How do you plan to increase visibility of support services at SUSU? Most students are unaware as to the support available to them and it would be great to se VPWaC tackle this !

I plan on making the support services more visible by creating a document in which the support services details can be found in one place. Furthermore, I believe that by making my position more visible, it will allow me to signpost these services to people when they ask. I will be doing this by introducing drop in hours with the Sabbs- similar to lecturers office hours. This way, people with any questions about the support on offer will be able to ask in person about them. If they do not want to ask in person then I will be making very clear, through the FB account you are given as a Sabb, that I can also be asked there about these services too. I also plan on doing a review of these services by asking people who have already used them and do not mind coming forward to give feedback. This will be to help improve the support services for everyone.

This question was also asked to Nicole AkuezumbaAnswered by Kayleigh on 03/03/20 16:38

What does SUSU mean to you? If you were to define its values in 5 words, what would they be?

SUSU means: Representation (to make sure everyone feels represented and not isolated by their SU) Inclusive (to make sure everyone feels like they have a voice and are being listened too) Visible (to make SUSU for visible in everyone's lives, especially VP Welfare and Community) Support (make sure that people know where to go for if they need extra support) Student-experience (to make sure SUSU is constantly improving the student experience the best they can) These will be some of the main core things I will focus on as VP Welfare and Community as I believe these should define SUSU.

This question was also asked to Nicole AkuezumbaAnswered by Kayleigh on 03/03/20 16:43

PGR students feel increasingly alienated from SUSU and often feel that it doesn’t do enough to represent them or address their specific problems and issues. What tangible actions would you take to ensure that you represent one third of the student population at the university?

I would host meetings like coffee mornings specifically for Post Graduate Research students so that they can directly tell me what is it they feel SUSU is not doing for them. By doing these meetings on a semi-regular basis, progress can be kept as to the changes PGR students would like to see. This should stop the current alienation of PGR students as I aim to act as a direct line to SUSU for students- this can be seen in other policies such as the introduction of Sabb office hours.

This question was also asked to Nicole AkuezumbaAnswered by Kayleigh on 03/03/20 16:50


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