Menglong Song

Candidate for Vice President Education and Democracy

  • Student voice is always the first!
  • I will reform the feedback process during my tenure!
  • I will building a Better Academic Representation Structure!
  • I will fight for more academic educational rights for students!
  • Believe me we do it together!

Why Me?

I will take the voice of the students as the responsibility and fight for the rights.
I will reform the academic representation structure during my term of office to create opportunities for a more dynamic academic representation team. And improve feedback efficiency.
I will infinitely expand the voices of our students in the highest conference I can participate in!

Please support me and let me prove how worth your vote!

Why vote for me?

Dear voters

The number of international students in the school is increasing every year. As an international student, I can not only understand the needs of students to have a voice, especially the help needed by the large group of international students to give their voices. Some of them lost their right to speak due to language barriers, environmental adaptation factors, and lack of understanding of how to give voices. So in the past semester and the second semester that is about to pass, I actively campaigned to be a course representative. As a PGT course representative, I have gained a lot of work experience and gained the trust and praise of my classmates. These work experiences can help me quickly learn how to become VP Education and Democracy, and also better enable me to help undergraduate and graduate students to have a say and guide everyone to speak actively.

Once selected, I will strive for a stronger and stronger voice in academic education for all student groups, including international and non-international students. This is mainly achieved by actively leading and supporting all undergraduate academic representatives elected from the students to form a speaking group and leading the Postgraduate Committee and the Postgraduate Research Faculty Reps. Monitoring and change feedback processes make these feedback more efficient and accurate. And mobilized various academic representatives to collect and sort out the voices of students extensively and effectively,then lobby the university on students' academic and educational issues. I will also attend high-level university education strategy meetings to provide more perspectives for students.

Best regards

Menglong Song


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