Joanne Lisney

Candidate for Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

  • Communicate more with students in the faculty
  • Continue working in diversifying careers for FAH
  • 'Marry' up WSA and Avenue more
  • Collaborate with other faculty officers on projects
  • Hold social events with other faculties for students to mingle

Why vote for me?

Hi all,

I am running as for this position as I am passionate about making academic change for Arts and Humanities. I am currently VP Education and Democracy for SUSU but will be going back to my degree for 2020-21. As current VP, I already have contacts within the faculty and know how the processes run both in the university and SUSU as I have been working closely this year with both counterparts.

I wish to do the following:

- Communicate more with the whole faculty about who I am and who the relevant SUSU reps are

- Continue my work with careers to diversify their offerings to Arts and Humanities students regarding employment

- 'Marrying' up Avenue with WSA as they are currently treated separately

- Work with other faculty officers to deliver on projects

- Create social events with other faculty officers for our faculties to mingle


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