Samuel Ahenkora

Candidate for Vice President Education and Democracy

  • Better study environments
  • Opportunities to create for yourself, not follow a system
  • More inter-course activities
  • Student Love bank!
  • Greater awareness in how to raise complaints

Why Me?

Powerful. Outspoken. Funny. Kind. Listener... Yes I am all of those things but thank you for thinking it first ;) . I am going to bring change and restore a voice to all students, faculty and staff! If you're tired of feeling unbothered and just counting down the days... you know what to do!!

Why vote for me?

A harsh truth is that a large number of students who are currently studying at Southampton did not plan to; speaking to my course and flat mates I've found that only a handful actually made it their firm choice with the vast majority entering via clearing. I want to bridge that gap. To offer a better studying experience for the Sotonians and also put this university more on the map! I personally had dreams of studying engineering at Oxford but as a result of coming here I've realised there is no difference between Southampton and Imperial and Cambridge, it is the people! The people make up the universities; I aim to serve all to the best of my capacity in this role to bring light and positive change to students and teachers. More freedom, a louder voice for all, purpose and most importanly POWER! Samuel-King.

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