Alice Chadwick

Candidate for Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

  • I will promote the importance of mental health while studying
  • I will encourage more interaction between year groups
  • I will be more supporting more staff and students events
  • I will be overseeing more pastoral care given to staff and students
  • I will be assisting students who work outside of their studies

Why vote for me?

 I am applying for the role of Faculty Officer due to how I am an extremely able, intelligent and hard-working student with an unmatched work ethic and so I would be perfect for this role. Firstly, I had the amazing opportunity to be a Course Representative and I am the Film Academic President which means that I have extensive experience of helping and guiding and meant that other students who needed academic and personal support and this concept of students helping and supporting each other no matter their background or their year of study is one that I will be enhancing during my time as Trustee as I am passionate about helping each student have the best university experience they can. Furthermore, I also am going to stress the importance of accessing more mental health services for both students and staff, which I am perfectly placed to do since I have a Mental Health Awareness Certificate from the New Skills Academy, I am a Mental Health Ambassador at the charity MQ and I am also a Mental Health Advice Blog Admin at I am also passionate about giving more support for students who have to work alongside their degree as this adds extra isolation and pressure which I know as I have worked throughout nearly all of my time at university, so because of my dedication my commitment, and my particular vision, the university and its occupants will benefit by me becoming a Faculty Officer.

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What are your 3 core values?

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What do you think of the idea of reducing the tuition fees for students?

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