Savanna Cutts

Candidate for Vice President Welfare and Community

  • Promote inclusivity of all backgrounds through increased amount of campaigns
  • Increase mental health support through greater resources and funding
  • Continue to advocate for social mobility and widening participation
  • Organise regular discussion sessions where specific concerns can be voiced
  • Wider proliferation of the buddy scheme to tackle loneliness

Why vote for me?

Hi, I am Savanna and I study law. I am running to be your VP for Welfare and Community as I am passionate about widening participation and inclusivity. I currently sit on the Widening Participation Student Advisory Board at the University and I am a Senator for SUSU. This provides me with a strong understanding of the current gaps in equality and student welfare. Additionally, I was state school educated and I am the first-generation to attend university in my family, providing me with first-hand experience of the struggles that come with this. I want to be a voice for all students and put your needs first.

If elected, my initiatives would be:

Foster inclusivity through various campaigns and continue the momentum throughout the whole year. I will build upon the existing campaigns and events in place and gather feedback on how to improve their quality. This includes Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month, Transgender Awareness Week, Inter-faith Week and International Women’s Day. I will advocate to increase the number of campaigns ran in order to better represent all students. For example, I want to also include Islamophobia Awareness Month and Refugee Week.

Push for greater mental health support through increasing resource capacity and awareness campaigning. The pandemic has had a detrimental impact on mental health. I want to help students with this. First of all, I will lobby to increase funding and accessibility to Enabling Services, in order to reduce wait times. Secondly, I will disperse resources that students can use to help improve their mental health. This will include a section exclusively on men’s mental health so as to continue fighting the stigma around it.

Create an open forum for students with any concerns. I will organise regular time slots for students to discuss issues with me. This will allow me to directly address any problems and develop specific initiatives to help students.

Provide a larger platform and community for those from low-income backgrounds. As a current student who falls into this category, I feel like support is lacking in this area. Therefore, I want to fill this gap and create a ‘hub’ for these students. Additionally, I will monitor the current financial support in place.

Continue the buddy scheme and introduce it at a faculty level. Continuing it will help students form new friendships and tackle the issue of loneliness that has plagued students throughout the pandemic, especially those new to the University. I would also like to introduce this at a faculty level.

Review the processes in place for the reporting of non-academic misconduct. Currently, it feels like there is a lack of transparency for students. I will ensure it is functioning as intended and accessible in order to help protect and support students in the best way it can.

I will go the extra mile for all students and be an advocate for all backgrounds. A vote for me is a vote for a Sabbatical Officer who has every student’s welfare and interests at heart.

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

How do you plan to improve student welfare?

I will lobby for an increase in funding to Enabling Services and implement various welfare initiatives. Funding may be hard to achieve, but I will do my upmost to push for it. I will be an open book and take any students' concerns on board and work on.

This question was also asked to Gladys Restrepo Perdomo, Libby Evans, Rostislavs Popovs, Elliot Morris, Galyna MandraAnswered by Savanna on 22/02/21 19:55

What are your 3 core values?

1. Integrity 2. Compassion 3. Determination

This question was also asked to Gladys Restrepo Perdomo, Libby Evans, Rostislavs Popovs, Elliot Morris, Galyna MandraAnswered by Savanna on 22/02/21 20:01

What can you achieve as VP Welfare & Community that you could not achieve sitting on the Widening Participation Student Advisory Board?

Within my role on the Student Advisory Board I am able to get involved in some great initiatives that are furthering widening participation at the University, however this is a part time role alongside studying, and therefore there is limited remit within it. As WP Welfare and Community I can commit more time and resources towards furthering the work that students on the board participate in.

This question was also only asked to SavannaAnswered by Savanna on 22/02/21 19:58

What will you do with the extra funding if you succeed in lobbying for more funding for Enabling Services?

I will use it to recruit more staff to work within the Enabling Services team, and thus provide more availability for students to use this resource.

This question was also only asked to SavannaAnswered by Savanna on 22/02/21 19:59

Will you have time to have individual slots for students to give feedback? Is this realistic?

Yes- I believe that you can make time for anything if it one of your priorities, which providing availability for students to give feedback is for me. For example, the current VP Nicole held drop in sessions to learn more about the VP Welfare and Community role. This shows there is scope to hold these open sessions which I would use in the form of open conversations with students.

This question was also only asked to SavannaAnswered by Savanna on 22/02/21 20:03


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