Ava Edwards

Candidate for Law School President

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Key Points

  • A friendly face for you to feel comfortable speaking with.
  • Strong leadership skills and organisation to be your reliable president.
  • Current course representative with experience of listening and making changes.
  • Will strengthen the community with social media and communal spaces.
  • Your president: I’ll make improving your university experience my priority.

Why vote for Ava Edwards?

I am a friendly and approachable person with a passion for being involved in the Law School community. I would love to represent each student and be your dependable, helpful first point of contact. Due to my previous role as a pastoral prefect, I can provide useful advice and be available when you need to reach out for support or guidance.

Currently, I am the first-year law course representative, demonstrating I have the required skills to excel at being your president. I am a strong communicator, shown through my regular communication on group chats. This means I will be well-suited as the president when attending meetings with university staff and relaying information back to students. Additionally, I have created multiple forms to gather feedback across the Law School, demonstrating I am efficient and devoted to understanding what you like about the school, and what improvements should be made. I also have strong leadership skills, meaning I will succeed in being the lead academic representative in the law school.

I have three main improvements I would like to achieve being the President, aiming to strengthen the Law School community. Firstly, I would like to set up a social media account to be a clearer and more casual way for students to access Law School announcements and events. Secondly, I would like to improve the PAT system so that everybody can benefit more from it. Finally, I would like to improve the communal areas in the Law School for everybody to enjoy.

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