Allissa Goddard

Candidate for Education School President

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Key Points

  • Represent the voices of minority students
  • Find ways to better support students with learning differences
  • My heart is in it
  • Continue to work with the faculty to improve our experiences
  • I will be your advocate! :)

Why vote for Allissa Goddard?

Hello! I’m Allissa, a second-year student studying BSc in Education with a minor in sustainability. I would love the opportunity to be your school president, as I genuinely want to improve our experiences. I know many of us have struggled, whether that be from covid or with our mental health, and I want to work with the department to make it a safe and engaging environment, so we gain positive experiences whilst we're here. Having been the Education Society President for just under a year now, I have already started to form connections with staff which I feel will greatly help me to succeed within the role. I am also a mature student, and sometimes we can feel a little forgotten, which I would like to address as school president as we have much to bring to the department! I also have a learning difference and faced many barriers to attending university, so I can be a voice for those of you who find yourself in the same situation. I really care about our course, and I know how important it is to all of us to succeed and I'd like to make that as smooth as possible. We have all made it this far, and I have recognised that many of you have faced the same struggles as I have. I would love the opportunity to be a listening ear and your voice so we all have an enjoyable experience!

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