Phi 'Phi Phi ' Chu

Candidate for Geography and Environmental Science School President

Photo of Phi Chu

Key Points

  • Have experience of being in a faculty role (student rep)
  • Won the Best Consultation award
  • I will introduce more faculty events
  • As a POC I will introduce more diversity
  • Love Geography and what it teaches you

Why vote for Phi Chu?

As a current student representative I have experience towards having a role within the school which makes me feel a lot more comfortable transitioning to a President role. In the recent SUSU academic awards I won the best consultation award. This reflects one of my main priorities - which is to be a friend and support to the student body. Univeristy can be extremely overwhelming and lonely at times and I will do everything in my ability to be a person of familiarity and comfort. Secondly, I am very reliable and organised. Since becoming student rep I have made sure to send out feedback forms when needed and being aware of most faculty run events. Thirdly, your degree although challenging, should be something that YOU enjoy doing. I will always be there to listen to any concerns or improvements and guide you as best as possible. 

I am also a Person of colour (POC) and would love to show more diveristy and inclusivity towards the faculty. I can also understand and relate to everyone who feels underepresented. 

Lastly, I am very outgoing and would love to create a stronger sense of community and companionship within our school. The school is where you will find the most comfort in knowing everyone has similar interests. These connections could help you academically, socially and for your future. I want to be able to create these bonds that improve both student and future life.