James Baines

Candidate for Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

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Key Points

  • I’ll ensure your voices are heard and acted on.
  • I’ll organise and promote industrial opportunities.
  • I’ll support engineering/STEM societies.
  • I’ll make sure your interests are top priority.

Why vote for James Baines?


My name is James, a maritime engineering student, and I am running to be your Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer.   

As your faculty officer I will be your senior representative, and so I will be representing your views to the heads of faculty and the sabbatical officers. I am passionate about improving the lives and experiences of students at the university, I will always be happy to help, and I’ll always do my best to ensure your interests are the highest priority. 

Combining this role with my position as a senator I will be able to represent and actively make decisions to affect change.  

As your faculty officer, I pledge to: 

  1. Ensure feedback from engineers and scientists is listened to and acted on. 
  1. Organise and promote industrial and career opportunities. 
  1. Communicate clearly any decisions made that will affect your studies 

I have extensive experience as a student representative and in promoting student voice, I took an active part in student affairs at my secondary school and sixth form – and I am currently a course rep, senator and a student officer. I also sat on the town council of my hometown as youth mayor. As such I understand how to make change happen and how to represent your views.  

Vote for me to become your next faculty officer; ensure your interests are safe and your voice is heard 



If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at jab2g22@soton.ac.uk 

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