William Wilson

Candidate for Business School President

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Key Points

  • Enhance communications throughout the business school
  • Increase engagement with students across the business school
  • Exploring new methods of teaching
  • Support your concerns and put them into real actions!
  • Provide an inclusive, friendly and welcoming environment for students

Why vote for William Wilson?

What does enthusiasm look like? Will Wilson. What does friendly and supportive look like? Will Wilson. What does inclusivity for all students look like? Will Wilson. What does your next Business school president look like? Will Wilson...

"As your president I will..." is a quote from the past, used by former presidents giving unfulfilled promises. My campaign is built on knowledge in that you, my peers, can trust that your voice will be heard and your opinions will be acted on.

As a friendly, outgoing, and communicative person, I believe that I am the right candidate to take this university to new heights. I want to increase participation in our school events and create a more welcoming community at the university. To achieve this, I will explore new communication approaches and unconventional teaching methods that will inspire creativity and innovation.

Through my work as both a peer leader and a course rep, I have already established a prominent and reliable role in the business school and it would be my honour to take this even further, so that you, my friends, can have the best learning experiences possible and get the most out of your degree. 

In conclusion, when you ask yourself, "What does your next Business school president look like?" I want you to remember that where there's a Will, there's a Wilson. I am confident that with your support, I can make a positive change in our university and create a better future for all of us.

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