Jammal Kehinde

Candidate for Business School President

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Key Points

  • Visionary with a clear understanding of the university's needs.
  • Experienced in managing teams and executing projects successfully.
  • Committed to creating a positive and inclusive campus culture.
  • Focuses on promoting student success and professional development.
  • Seeks to establish strong partnerships with the local business community.

Why vote for Jammal Kehinde?

As a candidate for the role of Business School President, I'm dedicated to enacting positive improvements at our University and fostering a more vibrant and stimulating learning environment for every student. 

I have no doubt that our school community would benefit from my expertise and understanding of the commercial world. I have developed a strong awareness of the possibilities and problems that businesses confront thanks to my interest in a variety of industries and sectors, and I'm devoted to sharing this insight to my fellow students.

I would place a high priority on student participation in the decision-making process. I think every student's voice should be recognised and that as collective we can accomplish more than as individuals. I'll start organising open forums and regular meetings so that students may voice their opinions and suggestions on how to make our school better. I'll give all students top priority when choosing networking events and professional development tools. Furthermore, I will engage with local companies and organisations to provide workshops, invite speakers, and plan networking events. To make sure that our students have access to the tools they need to be successful in their future employment, I will work closely with the career services office.

I am certain that I will be the best choice for this position because of my dedication to student participation and commitment to career development. The chance to collaborate with my fellow students to accomplish our common objectives and build a better business school community motivates me.

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