William 'Will' Matthews Brown

Candidate for Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Photo of William Matthews Brown

Key Points

  • Speeding up the process of implementing feedback
  • Working with course reps to implement solutions
  • Encouraging greater student involvement in the academic experience
  • Frequently reviewing feedback to identify problems early on
  • Aiming to improve the experience for current and future students

Why vote for William Matthews Brown?

Hi, I'm Will. I'm currently finishing my 3rd of 4 years as an undergraduate on the Ship Science programme. I have really enjoyed my time at Southampton so far, and I would like to use my final year as an opportunity to help improve the academic experience for current and future students. My main goal is to try and speed up the feedback process, so that if a problem is identified on a course, changes can be implemented for the year group experiencing the problem, rather than just benefitting future cohorts. I hope that if the effect of feedback is more visible then this will encourage greater involvement from students, leading to a more positive experience for us all.