Abi Bendy

Candidate for Law School President

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Key Points

  • I’m a paralegal focused on ensuring legal experience opportunities.
  • Module ambassadors to help choice of optional modules from student experience.
  • Past roles have aided me understand student needs and challenges.
  • Ensuring the new law clinic development fits student needs.
  • I possess key attributes and skills needed for this role.

Why vote for Abi Bendy?

Dear all, 

I am honored to be a candidate for the position of Law School President. From my previous roles as course representative, college council member and currently a senior partners paralegal, I have developed a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of students, staff and legal professionals. As well as the communication skills needed to build relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure the law school remains at the forefront of our legal education. As a fellow student I understand the importance of having a capable president at the heart of the law school and I believe my experiences have equipped me with the skills to be an effective advocate. I have always been passionate about law and its role in shaping our society along with the challenges and opportunities facing the legal profession in today's rapidly changing world. I am committed to fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive environment for all by listening and incorporating all feedback given. 

If elected I would like to implement: 

  1. Module student ambassadors to talk about experiences/ optional modules they've chosen to give insight to other students. Also, it provides more opportunities to be involved with the law school. 
  1. Ensuring as many real-life work experience opportunities for students as possible. 
  1. Further Development of the law clinic and implementing students' ideas and suggestions.  
  1. Sessions focused on exam technique, not just generic structure lectures.  

I humbly ask for your vote and thank you for your consideration. 

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