Debjyoti Sengupta

Candidate for Engineering School President

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Key Points

  • Improved opportunities for students to be part of research through internships.
  • Implement measures to improve student wellbeing and EDI within school
  • Improved efforts towards ensuring industrial experience.
  • Introduction of practical-based course content and potential field trips.
  • Lay foundation towards additional academic funding for students

Why vote for Debjyoti Sengupta?

Dear Students,

I am writing to you to explain who I am, my intentions for the School of Engineering, why I should be elected, and objectives that would be worked upon throughout the year. Starting with a brief introduction, I am a student undertaking the Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace) course. I have had the experience of working on various projects – from local to international- and they have impacted the community or audience involved. I have a vision for the School, its courses and its members - gradually making it one of the best courses in the world. My manifesto is a compilation of my intentions for the school, and they have been stated in the 5 key points.

Now, one question remains – why me? My past experiences as a Student Ambassador and external auditor would allow me to understand your needs, thus making me a suitable candidate for being the lead of the school without any bias for a particular course. My involvement in different technical projects and being a former SoE President has allowed me to foster good relations with different staff members within the school and the Faculty itself, thus allowing me to deliver on aspects of my previous manifesto (albeit they were subtle changes and not wholesale in nature.)

I can assure you that these are the words of a student who is passionate about change and not a politician. Enough talking, it’s time to walk the walk.

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