Isobel Buck

Candidate for Languages, Cultures and Linguistics & ACIS Department President

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Key Points

  • Good listener - chat to me about anything
  • Will try sort out proximity of deadlines for different modules
  • Great communicator
  • Help to get more information on module choices
  • Will organise departmental socials

Why vote for Isobel Buck?

Hiya! I’m Isobel. As a current Year 1 Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Course Rep, I am immensely passionate about helping others and taking on board their feedback. I am willing to be a voice and represent students within the department.

This year I have achieved this by taking on board feedback from students to help create change. Examples of this are when a module was affected by strikes, I liaised with the module lead to create a new and more achievable assignment deadline. I also took on board feedback such as students being unsure of the differences between special considerations and extensions, to make this more accessible. I have created Google Forms so that students could communicate their feedback anonymously with me.

My experience with SUSU this year means I am well prepared to take on a further role. I have been engaged and willing to take upon opportunities. For example, I am part of the Student Events Committee, where I have used my voice to represent the opinions of students and what events they would like to see within SUSU. I also joined Jazzmanix this year, where I applied to be in the committee within my first couple of weeks. This experience as working as part of a team has enabled me to develop my interpersonal and teamwork skills.

I would love to take this experience further and use my knowledge and skills to become the next department president for the Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Department.

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