Harry 'Harry' Ollis

Candidate for Business School President

Photo of Harry Ollis

Key Points

  • • Key Skills such as: Leadership, Communication, Clarity, Honesty, Enthusiasm, and Confidence.
  • • Improve lectures/seminars so that they motivate and inspire you.
  • • Ensure all degree content furthers your careers and futures.
  • • Build a positive and constructive relationship with students and lecturers.
  • • Young Entrepreneur Award Winner in 2022 at the Sherborne Awards.

Why vote for Harry Ollis?

Have you ever found yourself in a lecture falling asleep because the lecturer isn’t engaging? Have you ever had a lecturer who reads off the board for over an hour leaving you unmotivated and uninspired. My goal is to help improve your academic experience. Though creating connections with lecturers and students we will be able to improve the standard of lectures, seminars, and other classes to leave you feeling satisfied with your choice at coming to university.

Would you say that the cost of your tuition is worth it? Let’s make sure it is by making your degree add academic value to your career and leave you satisfied that you chose Southampton as a vital part to the beginning of your career.

My name is Harry, I am currently in my second semester at university, and I am continually feeling let down by level of education at Southampton. From unengaging content, lecturers reading off the board and the lack of organisation when it comes to exams. Imagine trying to do prep-work for a tutorial to find the content hasn’t been uploaded. Or you go to prepare for exams, but you don’t know when they are? I want you to have structure to your academic timetable to ensure its worth your time and investment. I’m determined to build a relationship with you so we can look to improve exam timetabling, develop the standard of lectures, and push out content that inspires us. Let’s make a different. Your education matters.