Vu Long Dang

Candidate for Business School President

Photo of Vu Long Dang

Key Points

  • Approachable, friendly, and present
  • Resilient
  • Reliable
  • Proactive
  • Competent

Why vote for Vu Long Dang?

My primary focus would be to foster a positive and inclusive academic community within the Business School if chosen as the President. I would prioritize effective communication between students, faculty, and the University administration to ensure that every voice is heard, and all concerns are addressed.

I would actively engage with students through regular meetings, open forums, and surveys to gather comprehensive feedback on their academic experiences. This feedback would be crucial in identifying areas for improvement and advocating for necessary changes. I would also actively participate in relevant committees and meetings, representing student interests and proposing feasible solutions.

Collaboration would be a key element of my approach. I would schedule consultations with the faculty and student office to discuss student issues, seek their insights, and work together to enhance the learning environment.

I would promote student engagement in university-wide initiatives aimed at improving the overall student experience. Encouraging participation in events, workshops, and extracurricular activities would contribute to personal and professional growth. Collaborating with other Academic Representatives, I would exchange ideas and strategise joint initiatives to foster unity across departments.

I would monitor progress, evaluate implemented changes, and provide regular reports to the student body and Faculty Officer so that everyone would be kept informed of ongoing efforts and outcomes.

In summary, I am committed to building an inclusive and supportive academic environment. Through active listening, collaboration, promotion of engagement, and transparent communication, I aim to make meaningful improvements and advocate for an exceptional academic experience for all students.