Abhishek Singh

Candidate for Engineering and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Officer

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Key Points

  • Structured window to hear the suggestions and voice of PGR students.
  • Fun loving and interactive personality.
  • Transperency
  • Good communication skills
  • Research enthusiast

Why vote for Abhishek Singh?

Hello University mates,
I am Abhishek, PhD student in FEPS. I hope you all are having a great experience with the SUSU. I also admire our student union and follow the events and activities they host. As a research enthusiast, I always have a keen vision of the things happening around me. The approach is to learn from those events and find out ways of constructive improvement. In my research and academic work, I have a similar way of doing, which motivated me to interact with fellow researchers and provide opportunities to learn and suggest from experience. Apart from academics and research, I have always enjoyed volunteering the extracurricular activities, which I believe will help me serve in this position. In my experience, I have participated in many activities and held many positions of interesting roles and high responsibility during my master's and undergrad. Some of them are:-
Member Research Council at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi.
Member Society for Collaborative Research and Innovation (SCRI).
Co-ordinator MounTain Biking Club (MTB) at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi.
Co-ordinator National Service Scheme (social service).
With all this experience and motivation to be the voice of PGR students, I believe if I got a chance to serve on this post I could be a good point of contact for PGR students. As a Ph.D. student, I understand that research students' work-life balance is highly fluctuating and it's unlikely to eliminate this factor but I will try to create an environment, which at least attenuates it up to some level. Plans I have in my mind to do so are:-
Clear map to identify the point of contact with faculty for specific concerns.
Providing information about the social events in the university from a PGR student's point of view.
Social gathering of the PGR students for reviews and suggestions.
Fun activities for stress buster etc.
I will be open to new suggestions and discussions for the betterment of our PGR culture. Hope to see good participation on voting day. Please cast your vote.

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