Mary Bichard

Candidate for Health Sciences School President

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Key Points

  • Represent all students across the school
  • Support and encourage diversity and inclusion
  • Encourage open communication between faculty and students
  • Improve the student experience within Health Sciences
  • Ensure students feel supported to succeed in their studies

Why vote for Mary Bichard?

In the previous academic year I have represented the MNurs Adult and Child nursing programme within the department and ensured all feedback from students is passed on in a timely and professional manner. I have engaged with other aspects of the school such as the beginning of the Schwartz rounds programme. I have an interest in all aspects of healthcare and hope to support and bring all students from each department together.

During placement I actively sought out opportunities to work with allied health professionals and I aim to ensure all areas of the school are adequately represented. Furthermore, as a representative I have also made contact with our PGDip programme for nursing and hope to provide representation for our post graduate students as well. I also hope to encourage active involvement in school wide initiatives to develop the sense of community among students.

I have previous experience in representing diverse groups of individuals in a way which meets their goals and needs. I am passionate about improving diversity and inclusion within the school of health sciences as I believe healthcare professionals should represent the community they serve.

All in all, I hope you will consider me for the role of Health Sciences School President and I hope to represent the entire student body as we move into the next academic year.

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