Joshua Bourne

Candidate for Physics and Astronomy School President

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Key Points

  • Better communication between staff and students
  • Open discussions with the faculty about the marking process
  • Facilitate more training workshops with physics material
  • Improving student engagement in providing feedback
  • More accountability for poorly taught modules with poor exam results

Why vote for Joshua Bourne?

As president I want to work hard to bridge the gap between students and staff. I want to ensure that your voices are heard to produce a better education system. I want to build trust between students and their reps and in turn between the reps and the faculty. I plan to do this by making sure that you see the results of any feedback you give.

I promise that I will take any issue you come to me with to the highest level and keep you informed throughout the process. I know many of you have improvements you would like to suggest, and I want to hear them. Your voices matter and I will make sure they are heard.

I care about the success of this course as a successful course will make our degrees far more valuable. For this reason, I want to work with the faculty to put more emphasis on teaching and providing more workshops for the practice of academic and practical skill. 

I also want to improve accountability for poorly taught modules and poor exam turn outs. To do this I will use both your feedback and personally talk with the faculty about potential changes that can make your lives easier.

As a physics student I always apply the scientific method in my work. In this position I will do the same and I will devote as much passion and effort to this position as I do any of my academic activities.

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