Fiona Sunderland

Candidate for Student Trustee

Photo of Fiona Sunderland

Key Points

  • Extensive experience working with SUSU
  • Experience in a large range of roles and at different levels of study
  • Eager to be involved in the core decision-making process
  • Want to ensure clear and transparent communication to all students.
  • Intent on securing inclusivity in all aspects of SUSU's work

Why vote for Fiona Sunderland?

Hi everyone, I’m Fiona and I want to be one of your student trustees.

I am currently in my 7th year at Southampton and throughout my time the Students’ Union has been integral to my time here and I am really committed to improving the student experience.

In 2019/20 I was VP Activities and whilst I was the non-trustee sabbatical, I attended all of the trustee meetings during the year. I enjoyed taking part and contributing in them to help direct the Union’s aims and I am very aware of what the role of trustee involves.

Having been an Undergraduate, Sabbatical officer, SUSU staff, University staff, PGT and now PGR all at Southampton, I have had a vary varied personal experience at University and think that I am able to effectively consider and represent the views of very varied different groups of students.

I have extensive knowledge of how SUSU runs and what students’ want from the Union and will be able to use my knowledge to help direct the Union in a positive direction. I have also served as a Trustee this year and would like to continue being a part of the trustee board.