Charlie Morris

Vice President Engagement

Key Points

  • Offer incentives to boost engagement within enterprise
  • Bridge the knowledge gap across enterprise projects
  • Improve all halls common rooms
  • Involve more students in freshers planning
  • Offer casual Wednesday afternoon volunteering

Why vote for me?

Why me? Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m running to be your Vice President Engagement. As RAG President, I have led RAG to record-breaking totals, running more events and collaborating with more societies than ever before. As a senator, an External Engagement Zone open member and a part of the team that hosted a National Conference I have gained invaluable knowledge of the running of the Union and the requirements of large scale event planning. Through volunteering within the Union and externally,...(click here to read more...)

Questions & Answers

There isn't much in your manifesto about communication (the Union website/social media etc). Do you have any plans for these?

Hi there! So I have plans for both the Union website and social media across all three sections of the zone. I chose to specifically not talk about them in my manifesto because I plan on utilising and improving both across every one of my polices. Each point I want to implement relies heavily on communication and social media, and I would integrate both into everything I do. In terms of enterprise, I want to create a dedicated space on the website. The layout of our website is very confusing, and it's difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. By creating dedicated spaces, a student could instantly find the enterprise societies and see the kind of businesses they can get involved in. We have incredible societies running incredible businesses, but it can be difficult to understand exactly who does what, especially because there are so many projects within each group. Through the introduction of skills based volunteering I also aim to utilise the website by ensuring a clear, easy to find space is available to students who want to volunteer, either on a casual or committed basis. I want to make the website as user friendly as possible, and at the moment I don't think it is. In terms of social media, this, again, is something I feel will come out of the introduction of my policies. As part of the introduction of incentives for enterprise societies I want to shout about successes, and this involves every social media platform the Union uses, and the introduction of new ones. Social media is ingrained in the everyday life of our students, and, although steps have been taken this year, there is so much more we can do to engage students. I would use videos, a popular social media trend, to highlight the amazing work our student volunteers are doing, and to create a sense of community around the student body. If you have any further questions or want to talk in more depth about anything do let me know!

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Why do you think you will be able to improve engagement within susu, when under your presidency in RAG, engagement has fallen? Why do you think you can engage with students when RAG has a seen a decline in volunteers?

I actually dispute this statement. Under my presidency RAG has broken records, raising more money per event and involving more societies than ever. Our engagement is the best it has been, so much so that we've introduced a dedicated Engagement Officer for the first time ever. Within the Union, RAG is more integrated than ever, running dedicated workshops to support volunteering and pushing fundraising to all societies with the support of all 7 sabbs and every zone coordinator. This year we ran a 24 hour cycle for the first time in aid of Movember, involving 22 societies, 11 of which had never participated in a RAG event, raising £1057, a huge amount for a brand new event. Movember in total raised £7,185.84 up from £2,747 last year, and that was all down to the amount of societies, companies and students that got involved. We had 23 societies involved in our naked calendar, many of which had never participated before. After they're involvement in these events, many societies went on to do their own fundraising with the support of myself and RAG. Our January total stood at £40,159.45, compared with £28,784.23 at the same time last year. The increase in fundraising this year is all down to the increase in engagement we have worked towards. As for our volunteers, we had standing room only at our first meeting, have created sub-teams to run every event during our Big Give, and have introduced volunteer-led events as a result of the amount of dedicated, passionate volunteers we're fortunate enough to have. During my presidency I have worked tirelessly to increase engagement across the board, and I think the huge increase in totals and society involvement in events demonstrates this. As a result of the above, I really feel like I am in the best position to improve engagement within SUSU. I have the skills and experience necessary to do so, and my success with RAG gives me the best position to begin.

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Do you think recognition of each zone in the Union is important? If so, how do you propose to increase awareness and participation, for increased transparency?

Definitely! I think collaboration across all of the zones is incredibly important, and particularly for fundraising, I think every single zone can get involved. This is something I've been working out during my presidency, contacting societies across all the zones to encourage either involvement in RAG events or fundraising of their own. For example, DTUS, Cymru Soc, Marine Conservation and LoPSOC have all been involved this year, encouraging engagement across each zone. By having each of the 7 sabbs working together to promote projects I think we help to increase awareness and participation. I think one of the best ways to increase transparency is for sabbs to be held account for the work they are doing. Although this is a focus for VP DCI, I understand the frustrations students have when they feel sabbs are not being held to account. On a personal level, I am a senator and was stopped from asking questions at the first senate meeting due to time restraints. It is absolutely vital that we are as transparent as possible, and I think this is important across the board. I would ensure all sabbs utilised social media as much as possible to showcase the work they are doing and show students the day to day tasks they carry out (just as many sabbs have started this year). I would definitely work with VP DCI to ensure a strong, consistent social media presence for the Union and it's elected members to highlight the work being done and how students can get involved.

This question was also asked to Fleur Elizabeth Walsh, Miles JordanAnswered by Charlie on 26/02/18 14:29


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